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Welcome To The Primary Care Testosterone Advisory Group


About the pctag

The Primary Care Testosterone Advisory Group is made up of doctors passionate about men’s health. In particular we recognise the under diagnosis and impact of low testosterone on the body and mind. We recognise that some patients and health care professionals often don’t feel comfortable discussing men’s health issues or don’t feel they have the knowledge or resources to provide care for this group of patients. We aim to support both the patient in making a safe informed choice about whether to take testosterone or not, if it was appropriate, and the professional in diagnosing, prescribing and monitoring patients with low testosterone safely.

Who we are

We are a group comprised of urologists, sexual medicine and metabolic specialists from primary and secondary care backgrounds. Our members speak at conferences around the UK and abroad on the topic of men’s health, sexual function and more specifically testosterone.

What we do

This group provides support, guidance and access to specialists for both patients and professionals. We hope you find the website useful, there are many downloads available and links listed in order for you to find the information you need. If you have a question we have not answered, please contact us or use the search function to find a specialist nearest to you.


There are many questions our patients ask us about testosterone, having sometimes found conflicting or confusing information from friends, the internet and even professionals. These include:

  • What is testosterone?
  • How do I know if my testosterone level is low?
  • Does a low testosterone need treatment?
  • How can testosterone be given safely?
  • What are the benefits of testosterone therapy?
  • What are the risks of testosterone therapy?

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Health care professionals may have a variety of questions about the assessment and management of patients with low testosterone. These include:

  • What symptoms should make me consider low testosterone in a patient?
  • What tests should I request?
  • What forms of testosterone replacement are available?
  • What testosterone levels am I attempting to achieve?
  • What are the benefits and the risks of testosterone therapy?
  • How do I monitor treatment safely?

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